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EVO Business Consulting LTD was founded in 2015 due to the synergy of development in Georgia and the petition of the different entities of the country.
Given the long international trajectory of our team in the sector and being part

of Planet Cluster Group, having developed projects of the sector in different countries with the same needs Georgia has at the moment, we decided to put

our grain of sand to improve it in the country.

The EVO family is composed of different specialized professionals giving full coverage to all the needs that may arise in the development of the Project. These are Legal Advisers, Financiers, Accountants, Translators, Administratives Technicians, Engineers and Specialists of the sector.

Our philosophy: is total transparency, humility and cordiality in our work environment, whether internal or external and, in addition, a personal treatment.

Our mission: is to reduce the time of completion and management to achieve the objectives of our customers.


Our priority: is the personal and economic development

of the inhabitants of the country Georgia.



That is a good question. The decision you have to make is important and I do not know if we can give you the answer that would most like you or be of interests of your company. Beyond the requirements that the client presents to us, we do not know the style of the management, the needs of the company or the market situation that is facing and we do not know the management of other consulting companies to compare. There is only one thing we know well is OURSELVES, and we are sure that we can excel by doing our work with effort, dedication and perseverance. We have the knowledge and experience to face any project with confidence and the desire to improve ourselves in the challenges that undoubtedly and corporately will arise. And above all, we are passionate about this market and we are determined to give the best of ourselves to keep developing projects. 

The EVO Team.


Passion and Impetus
Passion in everything we do, working together with our clients for their greatest success. Impetus in management with the highest quality and professionalism applying it through ethical standards everywhere we perform.


Based on the respect and trust created from the daily journey, we give support to eachother in all processes and interactions to channel all our energies towards success.



Our personal honesty is to say it as it is, to be
transparent in our work. To understand the needs of others, avoiding as much as possible divergences between our team and our client.

The Attention
Listen and understand both our team and the client. Knowing how to receive the necessary information to generate the solution.

Our greatest value is professionalism at work, in order to convert joint decisions into real actions. We treat our objectives with maximum integrity and punctuality.

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